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  1. Flat file CMS. No database required (PHP and JavaScript only).
  2. One-click installation.
  3. Blog/News on home page with reader's comments form.
  4. Multilanguage. A file translation need to be added, only. (EN/IT available)
  5. Graphics administration interface with wysiwyg editor.
  6. News/Articles/Motd editing interface with images upload.
  7. Newsletter editing page.
  8. Web File Manager.
  9. More of ten templates available (2/3 column).
  10. Templates can be added using file manager and can be selected with selector menu.
  11. Tutorial included for templates self design.
  12. Log access tracking and email sending for every admin intrusion detection.
  13. Contacts area.
  14. Link to external forum.
  15. Apologizing page when the site is off-line.
Wrote on: 04.10.2009 - 18:26
Modified: 01.11.2009 - 18:38