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My hobby and Pithcms

Pithcms is a fork of Picoflatcms. Why a fork?

We must start from the beginnig. I'm a roboticist for hobby and as I build something I need to share it with the world :)

To do this, I need an Internet platform to display my works. Well, there are a lot of cms, you say. Yes, it's true but no one meet my needs. Some cms need database (I don't like it) some others are too complex to administrate, some other else are too close to a blog.

I need something where I can quickly write an article and plan and publish something more complex. So I decided to learn PHP and write something useful for an hobbist.
The name of this was Picoflatcms.

Picoflat is what I need but is the first work of mine and obviously suffer some failing. It is a good cms for my needs and I use it for my website but I'm not fully satisfied, So I decided to fork it to not have legacy constraints. The fork is Pithcms; less power than Picoflatcms but more useful. It's an "Out of the Box" cms; one-click installation and one-click configuration. A real one-click and no database required.

Stay tuned ...